Restlessness and Causes

Sleep is a very important factor when it comes to keeping our bodies healthy and for our brains to function. There are many factors that can affect the amount of sleep that you receive on a daily basis including both external and internal factors. Many people that may experience issues with sleep and restlessness may overlook relatively simple explanations of why this may occur including such things as certain medications and certain eating habits.

The mechanisms that help us regulate the amount of sleep we get and prevent the restlessness are part of an amazing system but sometimes little things can throw off our sleep cycles such as changes in the way our brains works as we grow up. These effects on sleep can be gradual at first but then they can become a nuisance to our lives as they progress.

Other factors that may affect the amount of sleep we get and the restlessness include things such as stress and some medical conditions. Chronic pain and other forms of discomfort fall into this category as does insomnia. In addition the environment that we sleep in could play a very big factor in terms of restlessness. Taking note of your own personal lifestyle and habits can really help identify what may be contributing to your lack of sleep.

A major factor that can affect the amount of sleep that a person gets on a nightly basis is the type of medications they take. For instance, taking some drugs can have a slightly effect on your sleeping patterns and produce restlessness, such as when a person buy aspirin and then uses it before bedtime.

This can have direct effects on sleep. In addition a lot of other different drugs may cause insomnia or restlessness like Nasal decongestants, Steroids, Hormones, Asthma medications or diet pills to name a few. Any of these medicines may affect a person's sleeping pattern so is really important to read labels very carefully before you buy any medication, so you can see if it will affect your sleep time or produce restlessness.

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